Arlan Huang Solo


アーティストインレジデンス善光寺界隈招聘作家 滞在制作作品展
10 月8日(木)~10 月11 日(日)
午後1時~午後5時 入場無料
*10/11( 日)午後3 時よりクロージングパーティー(ナガノオルタナティブイベントとジョイント)



Arlan Huang 1948~
My passion is painting. My paintings are abstract. My ideas come from everything I know and don’t know.All my work is centered by what Allen Ginsberg called, “the dearness of the vanishing moment.” Ohh!! And I blow Glass!

Exhibitions – Solo 2015 AIR Zenkoji, Nagano, Japan, Trestle Gallery, Brooklyn, NY “Swimming Awkward Moment” 2013Flatfile, Nagano, Japan, “Red for Yellow” 2008 Walter Randel Gallery, New York City, “Most Violet Paintings 2003-2008” 2004 China 2000 Fine Art, New York City, “Lost Touch” Scanlan Glass, Brooklyn, NY, “Blue for Yellow” 2003 BinkleyMana Gallery, New York City Cast Iron Gallery, New York City 1996 Artwalk NY, Coalition for the Homeless, New York City,“Open Studio Tour” 1995 L.J. Wender, Fine Chinese Paintings, New York City,”Present Passage” Artwalk NY, Coalition for the Homeless, New York City, “Open Studio Tour” Akus Gallery – Eastern Connecticut State University, Willimantic, CT,”Traces, Ancient & Contemporary Chinese Art” 1994 Art in General-Window Installation, New York City,”Heart’s Desire -My Liquid Rice” 1993-4 Chinatown History Museum, New York City, “Dim Sum/Heart’ s Desire” 1987 EXIT ART, New York City 1985 EXIT ART, New York City.